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Campsite and Building Amenities


GS Camp

summer camp

Camp Packet



27157 Riverside Dr. Extension

Fruitland, MD 21826

Mailing address:

Route 1 Box 116A,
Fruitland, MD 21826

281-844-6854 – Ranger
410-742-3438 – Connie Bell Lodge

or contact:
Robert Biscaro

302-456-7150 x7183


  April 1 - October 31 Year-round
Sue Morris Tree House Unit (H/A, B) Connie Bell Lodge (H/A, B) Pavilion Screened Cabins (H/A, B)
   Capacity 29 24 30 32
   Mattresses trefoil trefoil   trefoil
   Winterized   trefoil    
   Electricity trefoil trefoil   trefoil
   Air   trefoil    
   Heat   trefoil    
   Water Water on from April 15 - October 31 only. trefoil Water on from April 15 - October 31 only.
   Refrigerator   trefoil    
   Stove/Microwave   trefoil    
   Fireplace/Circle both both circle circle
   Phone Available at Connie Bell Lodge
   Indoor Bathroom trefoil trefoil    
   Outside Latrine       flush
   Showers 2 2 Showers available at Connie Bell Lodge.
   Outdoor Kitchen        
   Garbage Removal Please use the dumpster located across from the main parking lot and flag pole.


= yes   (T) = Platform Tent Unit   (B) = Building   (A) = Adirondack   (H/A) = Handicapped Access



  Capacity Girl Scouts of the
Chesapeake Bay
Other Girl Scouts Non-Profit
   Cabins 32 $50 $70 $80 $90
   Connie Bell Lodge 24 $65 $85 $95 $105
   Sue Morris Tree House Unit 24 $75 $95 $105 $115
  Pavilion   $20 $40 $50 $60

NOTE: Tent units are not available from November 1 - March 31.

Camping fees are for check-in any time after 3 p.m. and checkout anytime before 3 p.m. the following day.


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