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How Can You Help?


NEW!: Pixie List

  Below are different areas in which you can help Camp Todd. Please contact the Ranger if  you have any questions. We also have a volunteer forum called Pixie List which is essentially an online message board. There may be more opportunities to help posted in this area periodically.






Schwinn bikes (or similar) for troop leaders
to use to get from site to site. Must be in good
to excellent condition. No street bikes or bikes with gears.



Brown or black couch for Choptank Lodge with washable upholstery such as vinyl or leather. Must be in good to excellent condition.



Dark brown under and over the counter kitchen cabinet for Choptank Lodge. With drawers and cupboards - not for a sink, just for flat work space. Good to excellent condition.




Large commercial wood chip.  Must be in good condition. Will be used at all of our camps to help clean up the dead limbs and brush.



Track Loader to be used at all our camps
for clean up and maintenance. Must be in
good condition.


booom lift

Boom Lift, will be used by all camps to clear trees and limbs. Must be in good condition.


Adult Skilled help needed at Camp Todd

  Do you have carpentry, electrical, masonry or sheet rock skills? We could use your help at Camp Todd. Here are a few projects you could help with. In return for helping, you will be given fishing privileges for a year on our private lake, Lake Williston.

SCREEN REPAIR: The screens on the Adirondacks and unit shelters need attention. Due to the size of the screen panels, this is
a two-person job.

We have all the materials and tools, we just need two sets of hands to help fix the broken screens. This will greatly be appreciated by
the girls, especially during mosquito season.

  todd_screen1   todd_screen2

: The metal support feet have rusted out on the upright supports of the
5 shelters. These need to be replaced.
We do not have the replacement feet, but
do have the tools needed.

  support feet 1   support feet 2

SHEET ROCK REPAIR: Ceiling at Lakeview Lodge has two areas that are needing to be repaired and painted. The one ceiling is 8’, the other is 15’ at the peak. Have materials and tools, but no scaffolding.

  sheet rock   sheet rock2



BOAT HOUSE LEVELING: 6 boat house foundation pillars have shifted 5-8” and need to be reset. This means jacking the boat house up and putting in new pillars. Have a couple of jacks and no materials as of yet.

  boat house    
Camp Todd meets all requirements by the American Camp AssociationAmerican Camp Association

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