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camp todd

Check-in Information


GS Camp

summer camp

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Property Reservation

How Can You Help?




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Welcome! When you have arrived, please remember to check in with our Ranger.
If you have any additional questions our Ranger would be happy to serve your group.

Make yourself at home. After you have finished unloading your belongings we ask you to move your vehicle to the parking area for the remainder of your stay. Please do not park any vehicles in loading zones. We keep these spaces open for emergency vehicles.


Thank you for your cooperation!



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Preparing Sleeping Units:


Prior to making your bed, please:

1. Sweep your area.

2. Wipe down the mattresses with a disinfecting wipe.



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Camp Fires and Cooking:

We ask that you maintain fires within the fire circles provided. Fires must be controlled and sustained at a safe size. Please do not leave a fire unattended. Rakes, and shovels are provided to be utilized for clean-up. Located at each fire circle there is a tin can to dispose your ashes. Unburnt logs can be left in the fire circle. 


Propane stoves are permitted for cooking, however please refrain from brining gas stoves or lanterns. Cooking over the fire is permitted. Please visit our amenities page for more information on electric availability.


If you need to wash dishes, there is a wash stand on site. Please use the three basin wash method. First, wash in a clean detergent solution. Second, rinse in clean water. Lastly, sanitize for at least 45 seconds. You may use 1.5 to 2 tablespoons of household bleach 6% chlorine in a 3 gallon sink.



Leave No Trace


Leave camp better than you found it.

Please remove all trash and transport it to the dumpster. WE RECYCLE! Collapse all cardboard, cans, and bottles.

If you need to post items on the walls or doors, please use only blue painters tape. Duct tape and regular masking tape damages the furnishings and walls. Remove all tape, and residue before you leave.

Please inform our Ranger of any damages that needs attention.



Incase of emergency:

CALL 911
• Main camp address is 25012 Beauchamp Branch Road, Denton, MD. For Lakeview Lodge it is 7980 Detour Rd, Denton, MD

• Be prepared to tell the dispatcher as much about the victim and the emergency as possible. What happened? How many people are involved? What are the victim’s condition? What help has been given.

• Have someone go to the main gate at camp to meet the EMS to direct the responders to the location of the victim.  

• Care for the victim.

After all victims and safety has been restored call the GSCBC, Inc. office 800-341-4007 and identify that an emergency has occurred. If it is in non-working hours the recording will direct you to call our emergency service.

Be prepared to:
• Identify who you are.
• What the emergency status is.
• Who including name(s) and any other information needed such as;

  • Parents/guardian names.
  • Contact information for the parents/guardians.
  • Who was involved?
  • How it happened.

• What procedure is in place currently to keep it from happening again?

Camp Todd meets all requirements by the American Camp AssociationAmerican Camp Association

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