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Clean-up Cookie Program | Games | 5 Steps to Success | Cookie Rallies | Other fun selling tools!



Clean-up Cookie Program

Clean-up Cookie Program is a great way for troops to earn additional funds from cookie sales and to help GSCB sell leftover cookies still in council cupboards. Troops may participate either in individual girl sales or cookie booths in prime locations and at community events after the official Cookie Program ends. A full list of important cookie program dates can be found here.


How does it work?
Clean-up cookie booths are arranged through the SU Cookie Booth Coordinator. Troops may take cookies from cookie cupboards to sell at a booth location, a Walkabout or for individual girl sales. Unsold cookies may be returned to the cupboard only if taken for a clean-up booth.


super seller patch


What does the troop receive?
The troop earns 70¢ per box. Troops who participate in clean-up sales are eligible to receive the Super Seller patch for each girl who participates in a clean-up booth when 60+ boxes, taken from a cupboard, are sold at the booth or for each girl who sells 60 individual boxes of cookies.



Can troops still collect for OTH?
Girls and troops may collect donations for Operation Taste of Home through the clean-up cookie period. These boxes count toward troop proceeds and the Super Seller patch.


How can our troop participate in a Clean-up Cookie Booth?
To participate in a clean-up booth, talk to your Service Cookie Booth Coordinator or check eBudde under the Booth Sites tab for open booths. The following SU cookie cupboards are remaining open for at least the beginning of the cleanup period:  SU 1, SU 4, SU11, SU 14, SU 15, SU 31, SU 34, SU 36, SU 88, SU 89, Camden-Dover, PRC and NRC. To get more cookies please contact your SU Cookie Cupboard Manager. 


Cookies picked up for firm orders should be paid for at the time of pickup with a troop check, $3.30 per box. Cookies picked up for cookie booths, walkabouts, etc. should be paid for with a troop check at the time of the cookie return. 






Play fun cookie games on Little Brownie Baker's website!

5 steps to GS Cookie Program success

Help girls have a great cookie season by guiding them through these simple steps to success:

1. Set group goal One of the most important lessons to teach a girl is how to set a challenging goal and reach it. Just imagine how far she will go in life if she knows, step by step, she can achieve her dreams. Encourage girls to set two kinds of group goals:

  • What can we do with our cookie money to help others?

  • What can we do with our cookie money for fun and learning?

Do girls need goal ideas? Check out these goal-setting activities. How much will it cost? Help girls estimate the cost of their goal with this Goal Action Planner.

2. Set personal goals Girls want to make the group successful. How many packages must she sell? You can guide her toward figuring it out with a simple activity.
3. Hold a family meeting If adults understand the importance of the GS Cookie Program, they give it their full support and help girls do everything it takes to be successful. Here are some ideas for talking to families.
4. Sell beyond family and friends Girl Scout families and friends make great cookie customers! But if girls plan to reach an ambitious goal, they need to expand their circle of customers. Here are some fun activities to help them get ready.
5. Track progress and celebrate success Invite girls to create a goal poster or cut out and use the one in your D/B/J or C/S/A/Volunteer Guide. As sales add up, encourage girls to record them and track their success. When girls reach 100%,
it’s time to celebrate!

Cookie booths play an important part of a successful Cookie Program.
Research tells us that more than 85% of those contacted purchase Girl Scout Cookies. However, nearly 35% of all possible customers are never asked to buy. Cookie booths bring the cookies to customers who would never be reached at home during door-to-door selling. Girls sell cookies on weekends and after schools; many customers are not home during these times.
Cookie booths give customers a chance to purchase more than once.

5 Easy Steps to a Successful Cookie Booth!

Step 1: Pick a busy place and time! Check eBudde to see what cookie booth locations are available and sign up.
Step 2: Stock Up! Check out plenty of cookies and take orders to deliver later if you run out.
Step 3: Advertise! It pays to advertise! Involve the girls in brainstorming ways to attract customers to your cookie booth. Place posters announcing your upcoming cookie booth around town in places seen by many people.
Step 4: Recruit Adult Help! All cookie booths must have 2 unrelated adults. This insures girls’ safety.
Step 5: Be Prepared! Practice sales techniques. Know detailed information about each of the cookies. Girls should be able to explain Operation Taste of Home to their customers. Brush up on money-handling skills. Remind the girls to wear their uniform!
Safety First at Cookie Booths!  Be sure girls and adults understand cookie booth guidelines found in the Troop Cookie Program Manual.



Parade of friendsCookie Rallies

Calling all Girl Scouts! Kick off this Cookie Program with a high energy, activity packed Cookie Rally while you show girls how to be successful in the Cookie Program. 

Be a chef. Every future food scientist, chef and cookie taster will want to don one of these DIY chef hats. Take photos in a "cook-ie-ologist" photo booth. Encourage girls to create their own "recipes".

Craft with a purpose. Most cookie rallies last about two hours and feature large-group and small-group fun and learning activities that take place in stations. Download your Girl Scout Cookie Rally Guide, a step-by-step planning guide, filled with lots of activities and ideas.


Must-Have Stations
Every successful rally is sure to include the following stations. Little Brownie has developed fun activity suggestions for each. Many activities can be adjusted to work with either small or large groups.

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