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GS Cookie Program


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Fun Selling Tools


Forms and guides for: Girls and troops  |  Families

Fun Selling Tools!


Everything girls do in Girl Scouting is designed to help them grow into leaders of Courage, Confidence, and Character. The 5 Skills girls learn through the Girl Scout Cookie Program are an important set of "ingredients" in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. These essential skills help
girls navigate life—whether working on a high-school science project team, running a household, being a project manager or a company CEO.


Girls and Troops

The 5 Skills


"Smart Cookies" Program:
GS Daisy, Brownie, Junior
| GS Cadette


Cookie Business Badges


Cookie Activity Pin


Goal Getter Order Card | PDF


Walkabout Day How-To


Booth Etiquette Contract




5 for Five Entry Form


500+ Cookie Club Member Form


ACH Debit-Credit Auth. Form

ACH Extension request Form


Outstanding Cookie Balance Form


Milk and Cookie Break Form


Yum Yum Line Sign-Up Form

Troop Manual


Service Unit Cookie Manager Manual


Girl Record Keeping Sheet


Cookie Rewards Order Card


Door Hanger Order Form

Parents/Guardians: Coach Your Girl Scout!

Permission and Responsibility Form

Coaching Your Budding Businesswoman

Creating Cookie Success

The 5 Skills – Shaping Your Girl’s Future

Family Guide & Digital Cookie Booklet

Safety Tips for Girls

Social Media images/messages

Girl Scout Online Safety Pledge

Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge

Digital Cookie Parent Tip Sheet

Download our parent/volunteer tip sheet!



More great tools:

Cookie Station Signs 2

Sign In Sheet

Volunteer Roundup

Rally Reflection



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(Click to view larger image and to download card.)


Fun Selling Tools!


Little Brownie Resources:

Little Brownie Bakers for Girls

Little Brownie Bakers for Teens

Little Brownie Bakers for Families


Traffic Sign 1 | Traffic Sign 2

Booth Table Tent | Car Magnet

Customer Sticker

Sticker Sheet

Facebook Timeline Image

Girl Sticker | Girl Sticker Sheet

Web Banner 1 | Web Banner 2

One More Box traffic sign

One More Box Stop Sign


5 boxes for $20
Table Tent Cards


party hat

Party Hat





props 1
props 2

name tags

Name Tags (PDF)
English | Spanish


business cards

Team Business Cards (ZIP)
English | Spanish


directional signs

Directional Signs (ZIP)

booth promo

Booth Promotion (ZIP)
English | Spanish

cookie banner

Display Banner (PDF)
English | Spanish

goal charts

Goal Charts (PDF)
English | Spanish


table cloths

Tablecloths (ZIP)
English | Spanish


Stencils (PDF)
English | Spanish

out of stock


Out of Stock Cards (ZIP)
English | Spanish

thank you cards

Thank You Cards (ZIP)
English | Spanish


valentines day

Other Greeting Cards

Valentine 1 | Valentine 2
Happy Anniversary
| Happy Birthday

Get Well | Congratulations

Blank 1 | Blank 2


Receipts (ZIP)
English | Spanish




Tagalongs | PDF
Do-Si-Dos | PDF
Thin Mints | PDF

Samoas | PDF
Trefoils | PDF



Social Media Images

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Sample Tweets and Facebook Status Updates

Whether it’s Katie Couric or your Aunt Claire, during this Cookie Program, share with your friends a photo of your favorite Girl Scout with a caption: “Buy cookies from a Girl Scout Cookie Professional today. Watch what she accomplishes tomorrow.”

"It’s that time of year again! It’s Girl Scout Cookie season and you won’t want to miss out on your favorites! Contact [insert adult contact info here] today to place your order!"

"Think Girl Scout Cookies can only be used to make desserts? Check out this Fried Samoa Shrimp recipe to see one of the many other ways you can enjoy Girl Scout Cookies. Contact [insert adult contact information here] to buy some today!"

"Did you know that there are only two cookies that outsell the Thin Mint - Oreo® and Chips Ahoy®? Your purchase of a box of Thin Mints or other Girl Scout Cookie helps girls learn 5 Basic Skills she will use her entire life:  goal-setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. Order taking is going on now! Contact [insert adult contact info] to help a girl learn important life skills and change her community."

"When Girl Scouts participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, they’re building a lifetime of skills and confidence. This video says it all. Check it out and share it! [Link to one of our videos]. And while you’re at it, place your order today!"

"What’s your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Orders are still being taken! Contact [insert adult contact information] ."

For when cookie booths start: "Going out & about this weekend? You may find Girl Scouts at [insert cookie booth location here] selling cookies to fund [insert troop goal here]. Stop by and get some cases today!"

"Girl Scouts learn a lot about decision making through their cookie businesses. Support a local Girl Scout’s goals by buying cookies today!"

"Money management is an important lifelong skill - and Girl Scouts learn it hands-on through their cookie businesses. Our troop has learned [insert what troop has learned about this skill here]."

"Trying to stick to your New Year’s resolution? How about supporting our troop’s Operation Taste of Home program by purchasing boxes of cookies to be donated to military troops serving overseas and [insert SU local charity organization here]? Contact [insert adult contact information here] today to learn more."

"Orders now being taken for cookies. Talk to a Girl Scout in your area... #gscookies"

"Girl Scouts learn a lot about decision making through their cookie businesses.  Support a local Girl Scout’s goals by buying cookies today!"

"Cookie booths start this weekend! Visit us at [store] on [day] to support girls in your community! #gscookies"


"Think Girl Scout Cookies can only be used to make desserts? Think again! http://bit.ly/VIOBmI #gscookies"

"Buy cookies to donate to military troops serving overseas and insert SU local charity organization]! Contact me today! #gscookies"



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