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The Girl Scout Cookie Program – Developing Service, Skills and Leadership

Everything girls do in Girl Scouting is designed to help them grow into leaders of Courage, Confidence, and Character. The 5 Skills girls learn through the Girl Scout Cookie Program are an important set of ingredients in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. These essential skills help girls navigate life—whether working on a high-school science project team, running a household, being a project manager or a company CEO.

Parents/Guardians: Coach Your Girl Scout!


Girls: Earning While Learning: Activities and Program



It's True. The Girl Scout Cookie Program Has Gone Digital!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program you know and love is going beyond the booth and offering more ways to buy cookies and support girls' learning than ever before. And the best part is that Digital Cookie helps take the five essential life skills girls learn through the traditional cookie program to a whole new level—introducing critical lessons about online marketing, application use, and ecommerce to more than one million excited Girl Scouts, in real-time.


So how does it work? In true Girl Scout style, the girls always initiate the cookie sale.
So if you know a Girl Scout, tell her you're interested in becoming a Digital Cookie customer and she will take it from there! Please note that as we launch Digital Cookie nationally for the first time, girl participation will depend on market area, and not all girls will be participating just yet.


Don't know a Girl Scout? That's OK! You can still support girls and all of the amazing things they learn and do by buying cookies at your local cookie booth. Find cookies now!


For more information see our FAQ's.

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