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Financial Literacy Badges

These badges help you learn about money-how to make it, how to spend it, how to save it, and how to share it with others. You can earn one Financial Literacy badge every year you are in Girl Scouts. To see all of the Financial Literacy Badges, click on the image above. 



Cookie Business Badges

Take the skills you've learned doing the Financial Literacy badges and use them during the cookie program to earn your Cookie Business badges. Each year that you are a Girl Scout, you can earn one Cookie Business badge. To see all the Cookie Business badges, click on the image above. Girl Scout Cookie Program Pin and Badges poster (PDF)



GS Cookie Activity Pin

The Girl Scout Cookie Activity Pin

All girls who participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program are eligible to earn the annual Cookie Activity Pin, which recognizes the "5 Skills" learned and practiced during the program. Girls can collect a different colored pin every year to recognize growth in these 5 skill areas. After she earns the pin, each girl should be able to discuss how she has earned it. Read more about the Cookie Activity Pin for Girl Scout Brownies to Ambassadors - English (PDF)

This award may be given to a girl that has led the way in creating a cookie campaign through critical thinking, team building and problem solving. 

This award may be given to a girl that has led the way in meeting the needs of her customers by developing healthy relationships and using conflict resolution skills

This award may be given to a girl that has demonstrated skill and knowledge in communicating the
Girl Scout cookie story.

This award may be given to a girl that has demonstrated leadership by working with others.

This award may be given to a girl that has made her community a better place by using business ethics
to reinforce the positive values she is developing as a Girl Scout.


power of one




Troops who participate in clean-up sales are eligible to receive the Super Seller patch for each girl who participates in
a clean-up booth when 60+ boxes, taken from a cupboard, are sold at the booth or for each girl who sells 60 individual boxes of cookies. -Read more-








Customers purchase boxes or cases of cookies for service members and local charities as part of the community service component of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.







Count It Up Badge

Cookie Business
Learn how revenue from your cookie sales adds up.


Talk It Up Badge
Cookie Business
Decide how to best use cookie profits.




Meet My Customers Badge
Cookie Business
Find customers and be comfortable selling to them.


Give Back Badge
Cookie Business
Learn how businesses help others.






Cookie CEO Badge
Cookie Business
Learn to manage all facets of your cookie business.

Customer Insights Badge
Cookie Business
Gain a better understanding your customer base.






Think Big Badge
Cookie Business
Set big goals for your cookie sale and brainstorm creative ways to reach them.



4.2.5 Pins & Badges_Business-Plan



Business Plan Badge
Cookie Business
Write an effective business plan for your cookie business.


Marketing Badge
Cookie Business
Work toward creating a marketing plan for your cookie business.







My Portfolio Badge
Cookie Business
Show college admissions officers and employers the benefits of the sales experience.



Customer Loyalty Badge
Cookie Business
Build your cookie business by increasing customer loyalty.








Profit & Loss Badge
Cookie Business
Translate Girl Scout values to the cookie business.bassador Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting (Research & Development Badge, pgs. 1-4).




Research & Development Badge
Cookie Business
Research and develop new ways to build the cookie business.




For other badges Girl Scouts earn outside of the cookie program, see the Badge Finder.


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