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Core Adult Education and Enrichment

Adult Volunteers are the essential keys of Leadership for our girls!

Adult volunteers are essential to providing the keys of leadership for our girls in the Girl Scout Program. We are committed to fully preparing and supporting those who volunteer their time to help girls become the best leaders they can be. This is a list of required training. Some of their dates are linked to the volunteer events page for convenience. Optional training courses will also be found on the volunteer events page.

Required within the first 6 months of becoming a volunteer:

GS 101

Volunteer Essentials

Service Unit Basics

Journey Basics

Supplemental Training listed below:


First Aid & CPR

Camping Basics

Troop Camp Training

Cabin Camping

Facilitating Adult Learning (FAL)

Short & Snappy

Service Team Tutorials

Girl Scout Cookie Program Information

Canoe and Kayak
Instructor-Level Training


Conflict Resolution

GSUSA provides a 30-minute interactive tutorial on this topic. It is suitable for any volunteer to learn about conflict resolution. The training covers the following topics: Definition of “Conflict”, 5 Whys, Differences in the way the two genders (generally) handle conflict, Guidelines on deciding when intervention is necessary, Conflict Styles –5 styles all of which are appropriate sometimes, and taking care of your own “mood elevator”. Click here to access the tutorial.


GS 101

(required for all troop leaders)

GS101 is an online course offered by GSUSA. Girl Scouting 101 is a 45 minute, self-paced online orientation to Girl Scouting. The intended audience for this course are volunteers who are new to the organization, whether they work directly with girls or behind the scenes. While Girl Scouting 101 applies to all volunteers, Volunteering for Girl Scout Series and Events is a streamlined version of Girl Scouting 101 created specifically for those who commit to short-term volunteering Topics covered include: About Girl Scouts, Ways to Participate, What Girl Scouts Do, the Mission, Promise, and Law, Girl Scout Cookies, Staying Safe, Ages and Stages: What Girl Scouts Are Like, and What’s Next. Sessions can be found HERE.

Service Unit Basics

(required for all troop leaders)
Service Unit Basics provides new adult volunteers the opportunity to meet with their service teams, as well as learn about forms, policies and procedures that support the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Service Unit Basics is one of the first steps in education and is followed by further learning in Volunteer Essentials.
WHEN: Watch the online video on your schedule and meet with your SU Manager.
WHERE: Determined by your service unit.
NOTE: Cost is free. You may want to bring paper and pen.





Journey Basics

(required for all troop leaders)

The Journey Basics video will provide a general overview of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, the Journey books and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. It will also provide suggestions and insight on how to use these tools together.

Journey Basics Video | Take the Journey Basics Quiz!


Volunteer Essentials - 3 hours or Online

(required for all troop leaders)

Volunteer Essentials Training: click here

Volunteer Essentials Book | PDF
VE Chapter 4 | PDF

Volunteer Essentials Quiz | Link

Volunteer Essentials will help prepare volunteers to effectively facilitate the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE). You will learn about the GSLE and how to use the resources that support the GSLE, including Journeys and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. When taking face to face training, attendance for the entire session is important! See available program dates...


First Aid and CPR

Chapter 4: Safety Wise defines a first–aider as an adult volunteer who has taken Girl Scout–approved first aid and CPR training that includes specific instructions for child CPR. The American Red Cross, National Safety Council, EMP America, and the American Heart Association offer such courses. Safety Activity Checkpoints notes when a first–aider needs to be present based on specific programs. Providers can be reached at the addresses below: (Note: First Aid/CPR classes must contain a face-to-face session.) If interested in setting up a training for
5+ participants, please contact Membership Services 302-456-7150.


American Red Cross
P.O. Box 3714, Salisbury, MD 21802

American Red Cross
207 Blue Ball Ave., Elkton, MD 21921

American Red Cross
706 Idlewild Ave., Easton, MD 21601

American Red Cross
100 West 10th St., Wilmington, DE 19801

American Red Cross
1973 Bay Road, Milford, DE 19963

American Heart Association
1151 Walker Rd. #202, Dover, DE 19904

American Heart Association
1096 Old Churchmans Rd.
Newark, DE 19713

American Heart Association
Georgetown Professional Park
Georgetown, DE 19947

Safety Council of Maryland
Rutherford Business Ctr
17 Governor’s Ct., Baltimore, MD 21244

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Service Team Tutorials

Click on the name of the tutorial you would like to view below:


Registrar Tutorial


Organizer Tutorial


Auditor Tutorial


GSLE Coach-Consultant Tutorial


Education & Recognitions Coordinator Tutorial


Treasurer Tutorial


Troop Finances Tutorial


Outdoor Program Coordinator Tutorial


Service Units Basics Tutorial



Camping Basics

This training has 3 steps: pre-session (online & completed before webinar date), webinar (with training team to discuss overnight and supplies) and camp overnight (hands-on skills demonstration). All three steps must be completed to be certified. Learn the skills that you will need to take your girls on an outdoor trip, including planning, packing, cooking, fire building, care of camp site and equipment and outdoor program ideas. You will be required to provide all equipment and food for the overnight session. All activities take place rain, snow or shine. Please come prepared for outdoor activities with proper clothing and shoes. Courses in winter will have indoor heated accommodations for sleeping. You must attend all hours scheduled for the course or you will not receive credit for taking the course. Directions to the sites will be sent with your confirmation. Dates/Times


Cabin Camping

Cabin Camping is a home study course that will help guide you through the processes needed to plan, experience and evaluate a simple overnight experience for your girls in either a lodge, cabin or hotel location. This course will not prepare you to build fires or cook over anything other than a range, stove or microwave. For camping that involves fire building and other cooking methods, you will need to take Camping Basics or Troop Camp Training. Cabin Camping Manual (PDF) Cabin Camping Quiz (link)


Facilitating Adult Learning (FAL)

Facilitators are volunteer mentors who provide our leaders the tools to become successful and share the joy that comes from helping girls develop their leadership skills and become the successful leaders of tomorrow. Facilitating Adult Learning (FAL) is a course focusing on how to deliver a learning session to a group of adult volunteers. Once you have completed the course, you will be required to apprentice for at least three sessions in the course you want to facilitate. Facilitators are required to facilitate a minimum of two trainings per year and attend a minimum of one Think Tank session. If you have an interest in joining us in this venture and become part of this dynamic and committed core of facilitators, please contact GSCB’s Manager of Volunteerism at 302–456–7171 or 800–341–4007 to register for a Facilitating Adult Learning session and join us for a Think Tank. Dates/Times


Troop Camp Training

Troop Camp Training provides adult volunteers and Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors who are new to camping the opportunity to learn camp skills as a troop. Adult volunteers receive the same education as in Camping Basics. Brownies and Juniors will earn the Eight Basic Skills patch. Additional adults will be required for girl/adult ratio and will not be trained in Camping Basics. All activities take place rain, snow or shine. Please come prepared for outdoor activities. (Ponchos for rain and heavy coats, gloves and boots for winter courses). We will have indoor heated accommodations for sleeping. You must attend all hours scheduled for the course or you will not receive credit for taking the course. Dates/Times


Short & Snappy, Learning Opportunities for Volunteers

What is a Short & Snappy? Short training or information segment provided at a Service Unit meeting. Any interested volunteer may lead a
Short & Snappy. They are 10-30 minutes in length.

Adaptable Me

Court of Awards

Money Matters

Adult Recognitions

Investiture and Rededication


Trip Planning
With Girls

Girl-Led: What Does It Look Like?



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