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Service Team FAQ's | Listing of Service Units | Recruitment Materials/Artwork


Service Team Guidelines

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2014-2015 Recruitment materials

We are in year two of GSUSA's 3-year recruitment branding campaign, making these materials relevant also for Fall 2015.


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Bi-lingual Interest Cards | Word


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Fortune Teller | Word




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24"x18" Yard Sign | Publisher Template


yard sign

24"x18" Yard Sign | Publisher Template


Online Materials:

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What is a Service Team and what do they do?

A Service Team is a group of adult volunteers responsible for organizing and delivering services to Girl Scouts to help them become the leaders of tomorrow. Each Service Team is led by a Service Unit Manager in each service unit.


What is a Service Unit?

A geographic subdivision within the council. click here for a list of service units.

What Service Team (ST) positions are there?

Service units (SU) have a Service Unit Manager (SUM), Organizer(s), GSLE coach/consultant(s), Registrar, Auditor, Treasurer, Outdoor Program Consultant, Recognitions Chair, Training Coordinator, PR Representative, Family Partnership Chair, and Product Sales Manager(s). Some SU also have an events coordinator, secretary, and Day Camp Director.


What does the Service Unit Manager (SUM) do?

A SUM develops and implements a yearly plan of work for the service unit; provides support to Leaders and troops and individual members; recruits, appoints and supervises qualified personnel for the service unit; plans, schedules, conducts and evaluates regular meetings of the service unit; and prepares for, attends, and participates in all scheduled council meetings and conferences.


What does an organizer do?

An organizer recruits leaders, organizes troops, and places girls in troops. Organizers in some SU also help set up bank accounts and locate meeting places.


What does a GSLE coach/consultant do?

A GSLE coach/consultant helps new leaders get started, is a resource for experienced leaders, monitors troop program, and assists with problem solving.


What does a registrar do?

A registrar registers the SU’s membership, files the needed paperwork, reports the SU’s membership progress, and maintains membership tracking system.


What does an auditor do?

The auditor ensures appropriate documentation of all SU and troop funds. She instructs leaders on filling out and maintaining Detailed Cash Record (DCR) and files a summary of DCR’s and SU finances with the council.


What does a treasurer do?

The treasurer maintains and monitors the SU accounts and is an authorized signer on troop accounts. She provides accurate reporting of SU funds to the SU and the council.


What does an Outdoor Program Consultant (OPC) do?

The OPC encourages troop/group camping, promotes council sponsored outdoor programs, helps prepare troops for camping, promotes resident camp, and reviews/approves trip/camping applications. In some SU the OPC will plan or chair a committee that plans a SU encampment.

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