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On My Honor: A Celebration of Achievement



Honored at this special event:



GS Gold Award


GS Silver Award


GS Bronze Award



10-Year Girls



13-Year Girls

graduating seniors

All graduating Seniors








On My Honor Ceremony
Girl Scout Daisies through Ambassadors (Grades K-12)
To achieve the Girl Scout Gold, Silver and Bronze Award takes dedication, organization and determination. These awards are not easily achieved and the girls who earn them are to be commended. This special girl-led ceremony will honor the Girl Scouts who have achieved their highest grade level awards. We will also acknowledge the commitment of girls who have been a Girl Scout for 10 and 13 years and graduating seniors. Information about the Take Action projects will be on display. Attendance by honorees, families, friends and the Girl Scout community is encouraged.

The event for 2015 was held January 11, 2015. Thank you to all who attended.





Congratulations to the following recipients of our highest achievement, Girl Scout Gold Award:



Katie A.

Troop 399, Centreville, MD

Katie believed in the importance in her town’s history and decided to take action by recording stories told by the older members of her community. She spoke with the members and has shared the interviews on social media sites to help spread the stories across the globe.




Selena B.

Troop 399, Centreville, MD

Selena saw the need for a safer floor in the horse barns of the First State Animal Shelter. She noticed that the floors were made of dirt, which can be bad for the horses’ hooves. Selena raised funds and assisted in providing concrete for the barn floor.



kaitlin F


Kaitlin F.

Troop 408, Wilmington, DE

As a student at Delaware Military Academy, Kaitlin wanted to honor Delaware Navy sailors who had lost their lives serving their country. She created two books to honor fallen soldiers and included pages to the books that can be updated with the names of future heroes. The project benefactor was Gunny Sargent Lemke.



kristina j


Kristina J.

Troop 510, Wilmington, DE

Kristina realized there was a need for children’s activities during church services at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. Her project provided children with attention and activities to do while their parents were in the service. This gave the children fun things to do during service, while also not creating distracting noise or other problems.



emily kate


Emily Kate K.

Troop 684, Bishopville, MD

Emily Kate focused on the decreasing oyster population in the Chesapeake Bay area. Emily Kate partnered with Maryland Coastal Bays and assisted in placing oyster spats throughout her community and then took care of them for one year. The oysters were then collected and released into the Chesapeake Bay. Emily Kate plans to pursue a career in marine biology.



kailyn m


Kaitlyn M.

Troop 1224, Newark, DE

Kaitlyn competed her award by creating a reflection area and prayer garden for the parishioners of St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church. Her project helped her to develop leadership skills and will be sustained by garden society of the parish.




nicole r


Nicole R.

Troop 1224, Newark, DE

Nicole’s project was giving the homeless children of Delaware a new playroom at The Emmaus House. Nicole planned and completed the task of priming and painting the room. Nicole provided toys and put up wall cling-ons to give the room a little more character and something fun for the children.



regina r


Regina R.

Troop 4945, Wilmington, DE

Regina is a Tourette Syndrome Association Youth Ambassador who decided to share her knowledge of the disorder with her community. Regina has created brochures for Wellness Centers about Tourette Syndrome for both students with the disorder and information on promoting tolerance and acceptance for students who had other conditions.



cayley r


Cayley R.

Troop 1252, Easton, MD

Cayley saw the need for volunteers for the organizations in her county. Cayley created a published list, both online and on paper, of the many places that volunteers can help out in Talbot County. Cayley worked with the Star Democrat to make the online version of the publication. She hopes to increase volunteerism both by adults and youths in her county.



sarah s.


Sarah S.

Troop 992, Bear, DE

Sarah created a camping cookbook for people with special dietary needs for her Gold Award. She gathered recipes, as well as created some of her own for the book. The cookbook was created so that people can enjoy the beauty of nature instead of worry about their next meal.



samantha s


Samantha S.

Troop 509, Wilmington, DE

Samantha took it upon herself to build a planter with plants native to the area. She had noticed there had been a decline of the different species and habitats in recent years. Her project allows the plants to grow in their native land, benefits natural wildlife, and allows insects to thrive as well.


ashley t


Ashley T.

Troop 992, Newark, DE

Ashley noticed that there were no longer many events that allowed her community to get together, even though many of the members had a common interest–pets. She took action planning Pet Wellness Day, a day that would allow them to come together to learn more about their pets, and learn about resources available to them.


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