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Contact Us


Office Locations:

Newark Resource Center (NRC)
and Newark Bay Shop

501 S. College Ave.
Newark, DE 19713
302-456-7150 | 800-341-4007
302-456-7188 (fax)
NRC Bay Shop: 302-456-7176

Community Service Building (CSB)

100 W. 10th St., Ste. 610
Wilmington, DE 19801
302-778-0293 | 302-778-0297 (fax)

Peninsula Resource Center (PRC)
and PRC Bay Shop

1346 Belmont Ave., Ste. 601
Salisbury, MD 21804
410-742-5107 | 800-374-9811
410-742-9506 (fax)
PRC Bay Shop:


Outdoor Centers

Camp Grove Point (GP)

2930 Grove Neck Rd.
Earleville, MD 21919

Camp Office: 410-275-2800
Program Ctr Kitchen: 410-275-8002
Blue Heron: 410-275-2564
Seagull: 410-275-8051
Pool: 410-275-2693
Beach front: 410-275-2471
Star Lodge: 410-275-8748

Camp Country Center

1051 Sharpless Rd.
Hockessin, DE 19707

Science & Tech Lodge:
Fax: 302-234-6621

Camp Todd

25012 Beauchamp Branch Rd.
Denton, MD 21629

Ranger: 410-479-2177

Lakeview Lodge: 410-479-1530
Program Center: 410-479-2148
Program Center Fax: 410-479-0017

Camp Sandy Pines

27157 Riverside Dr. Ext.,
Fruitland, MD

Mailing Address:
Route 1 Box 116A
Fruitland, MD 21826
Ranger: 281-844-6854
Connie Bell Lodge: 410-742-3438


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Announcements: Call 1-800-341-4007 and enter the following extensions:
Membership Referral
ext. 8311
General Cancellations
ext. 8351
Program Cancellations
ext. 8363
Upcoming Adult Training
ext. 8313
Adult Volunteer Referral
ext. 8312
Employment Hotline
ext. 8371
Upcoming Programs
ext. 8321
Adult Training Cancellations
ext. 8332




Anne T. Hogan
Chief Executive Officer
NRC 7155
Karen Beeson
Executive Assistant
NRC 7156
Donna Bolte
Chief Operating Officer, Mission Delivery
NRC 7178
Theresa Quattrochi Hoffmann
Chief Financial Officer
NRC 7158
Audrey C. Boys
Vice President Council Advancement
CSB 25
Monica Conlin
Human Resources
NRC 7160
Carol Boncelet
Vice President, Capital Campaign
NRC 7169


Membership Services

Sue Rowe
Membership Services Director
Tiffanie Chandler
Volunteer Specialist
PRC 110 tchandler@cbgsc.org
Stacey Roberts
Membership Specialist, North
NRC 7166 sroberts@cbgsc.org
Ichelle Washington
Membership Specialist, Central
NRC 7161 iwashington@cbgsc.org
Barbara Fallat
Administrative Assistant, Membership Services
NRC 7173 bfallat@cbgsc.org




Angelia Cright
Outreach Grant Initiative Director
NRC 7165
Grace Banks
Program Specialist, Outreach
PRC 111
Taunja Limberry
Administrative Assistant, Outreach
NRC 7175



Membership Initiatives

Michelle Passwaters
Membership Initiatives Director
NRC 7162
Renee Naughton
Membership Initiatives Manager
NRC 7186
Catherine Houghton
Membership Initiatives STEM Specialist
NRC 7184
Colleen Gilmore
Administrative Assistant, Membership Initiatives
NRC 7179


Bret Lanan
Site Manager, Camp Country Center
Camp Country Center  
Ed Oceanic
Site Manager, Camp Grove Point
Camp Grove Point  
Bob Foote
Site Manager, Camp Todd and Camp Sandy Pines
Camp Todd  
Camp Sandy Pines
Leon Talbot
Building Supervisor
NRC 7150




Communications and Marketing

Jennifer Acord
Communications and Marketing Manager
NRC 7170
Cetta Shahan
Web and Communications Specialist
NRC 7172


Fund Development

Audrey C. Boys
Vice President, Council Advancement
CSB 25
Carol Boncelet
Vice President, Capital Campaign
NRC 7169
Denise Eberspeaker
Director, Fund Development, Communications & Service Center
PRC 105
Eileen Pelham
Fund Development Specialist
CSB 22


Finance, Information Technology and Business Services

Martha Patridge
Accounting Manager
NRC 7163
Stanley Kihara
NRC 7201
Adam Zaimes
Information Technology Specialist
NRC 7195
Donna Francisco
NRC 7182
Robert Biscaro
NRC 7183
Cynthia Mueller
Support Services Representative
NRC 7181


Retail Sales

Dawn Samis
Retail Team Leader
NRC 7192
Mary Godfrey
Sales Associate, PRC
PRC 102

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